Technology can be complex, but it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) have to be complicated… The world of technology, like your needs, is ever changing. However, the core principle of treating others as we want to be treated remains static. Whether you are a client, vendor or employee, it is a core principle at INS which will never change…even though the available technologies and your business needs always will.

The integrity of an organization’s network is the foundation for how all critical information within it is shared and protected both internally and externally. Now, with the insurgence of the BYOD trend of multiple devices in a mobile workforce, the need for network integrity has become even more “expansive”…regardless of your industry, revenues or number of employees. At Innovative Network Solutions (INS), we focus solely on all aspects of the infrastructure from where your people connect to where the data resides, and everything in between that goes across the network. INS is aligned with vendors that provide the very best in “cost-to-value”, and the expertise within our staff to make it all simply…“work”.

Our clients are treated as the owners of INS wanted to be treated when they were on “your side” of the table… with “respect” (professionally and personally), “responsiveness” and with “crystal clear communication” of the options available to fit the business needs and budgets. Our word is our contract… and the “trust” our clients put in our hands every day is something we feel we have to earn every day…no matter what! If that sounds too simple… well, it is that simple to us at INS.