On behalf of myself and the INS Team, I want to take a moment to thank you for your loyalty and business! INS is entering our 10th year in business this September 2014! Ten years is a bit of a landmark accomplishment and it is hard not to reflect on how the company I started back in 2004 would not exist today if it wasn’t for the trust you put in us to support your IT needs. That said, you know that I’m the first to say that the reason we continue to do business together is largely due to the people whom I’ve surrounded myself with who put their trust in INS as a place they want to work. The combination of customers and our team is what makes INS exist today, and I feel very fortunate to be here today to write this expression of gratitude.

We listen to you about your wants and needs and continue to add more products and services to our portfolio to maintain the commitment I made when you became a customer of INS. Our goal is to deliver the very best in technology products and services that will ensure your organization’s IT needs are met and ultimately exceeded. There are a couple notable new areas in which we can serve you, and the reason we entered these new areas of expertise is to address what we are seeing is important to our customers. We only take on new offerings when we have achieved the highest level of confidence in our delivery of those services. Our Goal is to offer you an end to end solution to meet ALL your IT needs. Please take some time and review our web site and let us know what you think. You are all “stakeholders” in our business and your feedback will most certainly be appreciated.

I say this a lot, “You know you are not our only customer, but when you begin to feel you are NOT, please pick up the phone immediately and call my cell phone, I need to hear from you!” Nothing is more important than making you feel that you are our only customer! We can fall short from time-to-time in meeting that lofty goal, but I can promise you that we will do whatever it takes to “make it right” if and when those situations arise.

I’d like to close out as I started…with a sincere “thank you!” Your business will always be something we take personally here at INS. I thank you for the opportunity you have given me and my team to be a part of your company and (hopefully) make a positive impact on your business. Thank you for the first ten years of INS and I look forward to our next ten years together!


Steve Smith