scoreSince the Identity Theft Resource Center has been tracking “reported” breaches since 2005, both 2014 and 2015 represent the two highest in that 10 year period, and there is no sign this kind of activity will decrease anytime soon.. Whether you chose to outsource some of the IT related needs of your organization or solely rely on your own staff, doesn’t it make sense to “trust…but verify” the state of your preparedness? With all that is at stake, and no differently than you would treat a major expense or medical event, getting a second opinion is good due diligence.

INS will customize a project to meet your goals and objectives around protecting one of your company’s most valuable assets…information. After gathering the initial data, we will do an analysis of the external edge and internal network layers with social engineering to determine how your users respond to faux attacks via emails and help desk calls to identify education opportunities for your staff. We will provide you with and present the valuable information and reports, along with our thoughtful advice to implement as you deem fit.

Whether or not your company’s data is highly sensitive due to the nature of your business, no industry is immune and you need access to your information in order for your business to exist. How does that affect your staff’s morale/productivity, sales and vendor relationships? The short term and long term affects to your staff’s morale, sales and vendor relationships can be devastating. INS firmly believes in being proactive for our clients verses reactive given what is at stake.