Over the years, we heard stories from clients where expectations, budgets and delivery dates were missed when wanting to build an application to improve their processes and/or increase revenues. Third party relationships/recommendations in the earlier years of our company’s history rarely met the expectations that Innovative Network Solutions set for its clients. Just like the infrastructure services we provided when we first opened our doors, we put the right people with the right intentions in place to do it ourselves with a simple objective:

Deliver on the expectations of our clients by providing a quality deliverable that doesn’t cost more than it needs to in order to get the job done…

INS offers comprehensive software development and integration services, including enhancements to existing applications of our clients. INS’ team has worked in all industries segments, including Manufacturers, Not for Profits, Utilities, Technology startups, etc. Projects include new cloud based applications, ERP integrations, digital signage, mobile based applications and even just a static company web sites if that is all a client needs.

Our process starts with a discovery phase where we learn about your business needs and work with you to define your requirements. We will work with all the relevant stakeholders within, and even outside, your organization . You will have a single point of contact who will be with your project from start to finish, as well as the INS commitment you will get what you need “on-time” and “on-budget” guaranteed.


etv_snapshotIndiana Connected by 25, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides financial, educational and social support to assist foster care youth at a most critical time – when they are about to or have already transitioned out of the foster care system, most often with no family or economic support.

The Indiana Education and Training Voucher Program (ETV) was established to help young people in need cover some of their educational costs, and this is one of five very strategic initiatives within our organization. ETV is a federally-funded, state-administered program providing academic and financial support to current and former foster youth under the age of 23 for various types of costs incurred in attending post-secondary education or vocational/technical training.

Indiana Connected by 25 reached out to INS to create a new and improved website for the ETV program, that included a custom cloud based application designed to assist both student and staff manage their unique information workflow. Students can now create and complete their enrollment application and personal profile within the website, as well as monitor changes to their status and funding in real time. For the staff, all relevant information is stored in a relational database, allowing for many “in system” transactions that were previously manual. Dynamic reporting and integration with other external systems are now being enabled.

Please feel free to go to the Indiana Connected by 25 main web page at: