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INS Hosted Voice Offering:
The INS off-site Hosted Voice offering, FirstMile is the future of business phone systems. Our fully-managed, innovative, easy-to-use phone system allows us to offer big business phone features you want at a price that fits your business.

  • Inexpensive

Our FirstMile Hosted Voice service is off-site at our Network Operation Center. You will benefit from the latest in technology and updates without the investment and costs of annual maintenance and equipment upgrades.

  • Secure & Reliable

All call processing takes place at our Network Operations Center where our reliable architecture allows for maximum system uptime.

  • Flexible

Since our FirstMile Hosted Voice is a fully-scalable system, your services can easily evolve with your business, allowing you to pay only for what you need. You can add capacity or features as your business grows.

  • Accessible

Through our FirstMile MyPhone web interface, you can control aspects of your phone service remotely. MyPhone allows you to access your voicemails, call logs, control your phone features like find me/follow me, forwarding, and much more.

  • Business Class Features: 
  1. Auto Attendants
  2. Call Trace
  3. Meet–Me Conferencing
  4. Caller-ID Blocking
  5. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  6. Cancel Call Waiting
  7. Skills Based Routing
  8. Directed Call Pickup
  9. Find me/Follow me call routing
  10. Group Pickup
  11. Voicemail to Email Notification
  12. Push-To-Talk (Intercom)
  13. Hunt Groups
  14. Broadcast Paging
  15. Music On Hold
  16. Last Number Redial
  17. Call Waiting with Caller-ID
  18. Call Park
  19. Message Waiting Indicator
  20. Calling Line ID Blocking
  21. Call Forwarding
  22. Priority Alert (Priority Call List)
  23. Hold/Retrieve
  24. Call Forward Remote Access
  25. Call Transfer (blind, with consultation)
  26.  Selective Call Rejection
  27. Alternate Numbers
  28. Speed Dial (abbreviated dialing)
  29. Conferences
  30. Anonymous Call Rejection


  • Local Phone Services

As a facility-based, Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) provides nationwide local phone service across a comprehensive carrier backbone that covers 95% of the contiguous U.S. FirstMile maintains Local Number Portability (LNP) in about 92% of our national network. This means that your telephone numbers, from your existing local phone provider, can be ported over to FirstMile in almost anywhere in the US.

  • Long Distance Phone Services

We provide long distance services, rate plans, and Operating Company Number (OCN) Lata based pricing structures for businesses of all sizes. FirstMile delivers all long distance via dedicated connections or public/private Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) connections. Our carrier network coverage spans the globe and interconnects with the largest carrier backbones, providing cost effective and competitive rate plans.

  • Toll Free Phone Services

We deliver switched, dedicated, and vanity toll free services for numbers in the US and abroad. FirstMile delivers all toll free services via dedicated connections or public/private SIP connections across the globe as well.

  • Network Services

The latest in connectivity via: Dark Fiber, DS1/DS3, Metro Ethernet/MPLS and physical and/or virtual colocation.