We augment the IT staff at our client’s organizations, or we can simply become the client’s IT department if they do not have one today. We do as much as needed when it is needed. For those organizations who do not have an in-house IT person, the collective experience of our team is a viable alternative.

For those organizations that have an IT department today, it can be challenging for non-technical industry organizations to hire and retain the right IT resources at the time they need them. Regardless, if an organization hires employees or independent contractors, IT folks often require different exposures to different technologies to enhance their resumes and increase their earning power. Unfortunately, once they leave, so does their knowledge about the organization’s environment. As well, it can be difficult to predict the timing and duration of sudden IT related projects resulting from dynamic changes to your business (staff increases, new locations, relocations, acquisitions, etc.).

As our client, you will have access to the collective knowledge of our organization, not just your INS representative. Thus, we will take less time to get the answers you need and your task completed. Every aspect of IT in your organization is documented and transferable among our technical team. The help you need never gets sick, takes vacations, or looks for another job.