Who We Are

Innovative Network Solutions, Inc. (INS) began in September 2004 specializing in IT infrastructure services and products, then later adding hosted voice and web application development services as our client’s needs evolved. Steve Smith and Steve Aveline joined forces & the partners worked together in various capacities in other organizations before creating today’s INS. They knew what they wanted in an IT company from the days when they were clients of IT companies themselves. They wanted their vendors to act in “their” best interests, and not what was best for the vendor.

At INS, we are solely focused on what is important to our clients and do what is best for them no matter what. Our philosophy toward our clients extends to our staff. Only those who are focused on our client’s needs are hired. In turn, each employee is treated with a high standard of respect and attention resulting in a uniquely industry low staffing turnover rate from which our client’s benefit.

After over 18 years in business, INS has grown to having 150 clients in 15 states and 2 countries almost exclusively through client referrals. We invite you to view some of their testimonials here.

What We Do

Our core competencies encompass all aspects of 24/7/365 services related to IT infrastructure and managed services which includes desktops, devices, networking, Wi-Fi, hosted voice, servers, storage options, and email (onsite, offsite and/or via our cloud services) to name a few. Additionally, we can help develop web-based applications that are critical to running your business both internally and for client-facing purposes.

In addition to our technology services, INS has relationships and expertise with specific technology products and vendors that provide the most value for the least cost whenever possible. We limit the number of trusted relationships and products to ensure a well -developed scope of knowledge so our staff can provide reliable information to our clients.

If a client needs a service outside of our scope of expertise, we will find it for them and make an introduction. INS accepts only client and projects where we can make a positive impact. We seek out strategic partners who will help fill our clients’ needs and adhere to our principles of doing business the right way.

When You Need Us

We augment the IT staff at our client’s organizations, or we can simply become the client’s IT department if they do not have one today. We do as much as needed when it is needed. For those organizations who do not have an in-house IT person, the collective experience of our team is a viable alternative.

For those organizations that have an IT department today, it can be challenging for non-technical industry organizations to hire and retain the right IT resources at the time they need them. Regardless, if an organization hires employees or independent contractors, IT folks often require different exposures to different technologies to enhance their resumes and increase their earning power. Unfortunately, once they leave, so does their knowledge about the organization’s environment. As well, it can be difficult to predict the timing and duration of sudden IT related projects resulting from dynamic changes to your business (staff increases, new locations, relocations, acquisitions, etc.).

As our client, you will have access to the collective knowledge of our organization, not just your INS representative. Thus, we will take less time to get the answers you need and your task completed. Every aspect of IT in your organization is documented and transferable among our technical team. The help you need never gets sick, takes vacations, or looks for another job.


We believe IT doesn’t have to be complex or cost a lot to meet your business objectives and goals. Those objectives and goals are unique to every client and there is no “one size fits all”. We will clearly state the available options for your infrastructure and web application needs based off of industry standards, best practices, and what makes sense for your business environment. What you choose is what’s right for you. We understand the delicate balancing act between “need” and “budget”. We guarantee our work. Period.

We must earn your business every day. Our hope is that you will recommend us to your peers too! Overall, our goal is to become your trusted IT solutions provider. We want you to experience the value that INS brings to your organization that makes you retain us because you want to and not because you are locked into an agreement. We will prove our worth and earn your trust every day as we do for all our clients: Testimonials